Market Linkage and First Mile Cold Storage as a Service

Radically reducing logistical costs and post-harvest losses

The smart cold storage solution that you can actually afford…

50% of all horticulture produce in Kenya fails to make it to market as a result of an informal & unreliable supply chain. Farmers frequently lose quality produce due to their inability to store it for longer than a day. As a result farmers earn less, logistics costs are high and vast quantities of food are wasted.

SokoFresh offers farm level cold-storage as a service and a digital market linkage platform to seamlessly integrate small and medium scale farmers into professional value chains. With its mobile cold storage solution and pay as you store business model, it gives farmers, traders and exporters a risk-free opportunity to safeguard the quality of their produce and increase their bottom-line.

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Denis Karema

CEO - Operations & Logistics

Arpana Philip

COO - Market Linkage

Paul van der Linden

CFO - Finance & Technology

Herbert Kinoti

Operations Manager

Simon Kiguru

Operations Associate

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