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SokoFresh was incorporated in 2019 following a successful issue analysis conducted by Enviu on post harvest loss in Kenya. Enviu is a global venture building studio that ideates and builds social enterprises that have high impact and scale potential.

SokoFresh exists to address the issue of post harvest loss that is responsible for 30-40% produce loss at farm level by setting up professional first mile post harvest management operations as well as a tech enabled market linkage platform that puts small holder farmers at the center of value chain activities. The company makes it possible for small farmers to leverage on solar powered cold storage technology on an as a service model that eliminates access barriers and the technology unlocks longer shelf life and higher quality produce.


We envision a prosperous Africa where rural communities earn more, eliminate post harvest loss and sustain themselves


To provide small holder farmers across Africa with climate smart solutions through innovative business models that empower their livelihoods


  • Solution Oriented
  • Ownership
  • Passion
  • Integrity
  • Innovation

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D2, Jasmine Centre. Pio Gama Pinto Rd.
P.O Box 2648,00606 Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 020 2000154 / +254 733 22 11 33
Email: info@sokofresh.co.ke

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